Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hines Ward wins Dancing with the Stars

I was a little disappointed last night with Dancing with the Stars.  To me, Chelsea Kane was clearly the best dancer.  Kirstie Alley should not have even been in the top three.  She can obviously dance, but come on, she is not as good as Chelsea Kane OR Hines Ward.  So, what do you think caused this voting debacle?  Do you think Hines Ward and Kym Johnson got the sympathy vote because of her fall during rehearsal that sent her to the hospital?  I'm thinking that is it and Chelsea should have won followed by Hines and Kirstie.

Apparently this is professional dancer, Kym Johnson's second mirror ball trophy.  Hines claimed that he worked really hard to help her achieve that goal.  He admits that dancing is very grueling but hopes to show some of his moves on the end zone.

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